Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory


Madison receives Undergraduate Research Award from the department

Congratulations to Madison Korfhage, who has received undergraduate research award from the department.  Madison took BME395 with the lab in 2022 Spring, and then continued to her research in the lab. Madison has made significant contributions to several lab research projects as reflected by her oral presentation in BMES 2022 annual conference, and one co-author Journal article at IEEE JSTQE. This award recognizes her outstanding performance as an undergraduate researcher. Congratulations !

Maddie receives Undergraduate Research Fellow Award from the college

Congratulations to Madison Hart, who has been selected as a college of engineering undergraduate research fellow for Spring 2023.  Maddie took BME395 with the lab in 2022 Fall semester during which we developed an independent research project for her.  Maddie will continue her research in the lab as an undergraduate researcher. We look forward to seeing great work from Maddie in the new semester.  

The lab gave a webinar talk to Photonics media on Dec 08 2022

Our lab gave a webinar to photonics media on Dec 08, 2022 to introduce our most recent research on spectroscopy techniques. More details on the feature report can be found in the link below. 


The lab receives ACS-IRG grant

The lab receives the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (ACS-IRG). This grant will support the group to develop new metabolic imaging technology to study breast cancer radiation resistance machanisms. Thanks ACS for the great holiday gift !

Three lab members gave oral presentations at BMES 2022 this Oct.

Madison, Jing and Zahid attended the BMES 2022 and gave three oral presentations during the conferences in the second week of this Oct . 

Our recent work on nanoparticle concentration monitoring has been accepted by IEEE JSTQE !

Congratulations to you, Zahid, Jing and Madison for your work on optical spectroscopic method for nanoparticles monitoring being accepted by IEEE JSTQE  !  Keep up the good work. 

The lab receives NIBIB trailblazer award

We are so excited to receive the NIBIB Trailblazer award to start working on non-destructive optical metabolic technologies for cancer therapy pre-evaluation for the next three years. Thank you to the NIBIB and the NIH!

Three abstracts from the Lab have been accepted for oral presentations by BMES 2022 !

Congratulations to you, Madison, Jing, and Zahid for your abstract being accepted for oral presentations at BMES 2022!  Keep up the good work. 

The Lab Received Grant Support from Markey Cancer Center

Our Lab was awarded $50,000 through the Cancer Center Support Grant Pilot award at the Markey Cancer Center to develop personalized radiotherapy for breast cancer patients. 

The Lab gave an invited talk at biophotonics conference 2021

On Oct 27, 2021, the Lab gave an invited talk to introduce our work on point-of-care metabolic platforms for cancer research. More details can be found here: 



Our Group Receives Igniting Research Collaborations Pilot Grant

Our project  titled “Optical imaging of radiation-induced metabolic changes in human breast cancer organotypic tumor slices to predict radiotherapy response." has been selected for receiving a pilot grant through UK’s “Igniting Research Collaborations (IRC)” program. This IRC seed award will support our efforts to gather crucial preliminary data for the successful application of larger grants to the National Institutes of Health and foundations. (https://www.engr.uky.edu/news/2020/12/zhu-receives-igniting-research-col...)


Our first peer reviewed journal article has been published !

Our first journal article has been published in Biomedical Optics Express. In this report, we identifed optimal fiber probe design for logitudinal monitoring of tumor metabolism and vasculature. Congratulations to the team !  (https://www.osapublishing.org/boe/fulltext.cfm?uri=boe-11-11-6311&id=441079)


We are hiring student for spring of 2021

We have one position with research assistantship available for students who are interested in biomedical optics and tumor biology starting in spring/fall 2021. Students with background or interests in tissue optics, optical imaging, spectroscopy, cell culture, animal model, cancer biology, radiation biology are particularly encouraged to apply. More information can be found in the openings. 

We are hiring postdoc and graduate students !

We are hiring postdoc and students !