Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory

The Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory at University of Kentucky is dedicated to develop novel optical methods to advance translational cancer research. The central focus of the group’s research is to develop optical imaging tools for biomedical applications related to tumor metabolism, hypoxia and angiogenesis. Current projects include the following topics.

  • Development of optical platforms including spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Computer simulation of light transport in tissue
  • Cancer therapies prediction and evaluation
  • Cancer metabolism pathway reprogramming

Our lab has openings for students.  For more details, see Openings


Our recent work on nanoparticle concentration monitoring has been accepted by IEEE JSTQE !

Congratulations to you, Zahid, Jing and Madison for your work on optical spectroscopic method for nanoparticles monitoring being accepted by IEEE JSTQE  !  Keep up the good work. 

The lab receives NIBIB trailblazer award

We are so excited to receive the NIBIB Trailblazer award to start working on non-destructive optical metabolic technologies for cancer therapy pre-evaluation for the next three years. Thank you to the NIBIB and the NIH!

Three abstracts from the Lab have been accepted for oral presentations by BMES 2022 !

Congratulations to you, Madison, Jing, and Zahid for your abstract being accepted for oral presentations at BMES 2022!  Keep up the good work.