Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory

The Spectroscopic Imaging Laboratory at University of Kentucky is dedicated to develop novel optical methods to advance translational cancer research. The central focus of the group’s research is to develop optical imaging tools for biomedical applications related to tumor metabolism, hypoxia and angiogenesis. Current projects include the following topics.

  • Development of optical platforms including spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Computer simulation of light transport in tissue
  • Cancer therapies prediction and evaluation
  • Cancer metabolism pathway reprogramming

Our lab has openings for students.  For more details, see Openings


Jing won the first place for poster presentation at the Markey Cancer Research day.

Congratulations to Jing for winning the first place for graduate student poster presentation among over 100 posters at the Markey Cancer Research day event.  Jing shared her research progress on the development of a portable optical metabolic assay for organotypical tumor models characterizations, which is supported by the NIBIB Trailbalazer R21 award. More details can be found here:  https://uknow.uky.edu/research/innovation-cancer-research-showcased-mark...

Maddie receives College of Engineering undergraduate summer research fellowship

Congratulations to Madison Hart, who has been awarded the college of engineering undergraduate research fellowship for summer 2023.  This is the second time that Maddie receives this fellowship, which will allow Maddie to continue her research in the lab during the summer. We look forward to seeing great work from Maddie in the summer.  

Madison receives Undergraduate Research Award from the department

Congratulations to Madison Korfhage, who has received undergraduate research award from the department.  Madison took BME395 with the lab in 2022 Spring, and then continued to her research in the lab. Madison has made significant contributions to several lab research projects as reflected by her oral presentation in BMES 2022 annual conference, and one co-author Journal article at IEEE JSTQE. This award recognizes her outstanding performance as an undergraduate researcher. Congratulations !